Contemporary Hout Bay Home

The white exposed beams of the living area are repeated in the master bedroom with its matching triangular window in the eaves that lets the mountain in. The sliding door opens to the garden, pool and entertainment area. Concealed lighting on dimmers allow for warm, soft light. The chairin the corner, sourced in Australia, is a Koskela Quadrant Soft.

A swimming pool is the dream of many garden owners, because it serves the relaxation and increases the well-being. Before the dream becomes reality, however, one should pause and inform oneself thoroughly. If you know exactly what you want and actually need, you can save a lot of money. From planning to pool maintenance – we have summarized the three most important tips about Swimming Pools for you.

Properly plan swimming pools in the garden
Before you start construction, it is important to check with the local building authority whether you have to meet certain requirements or whether a building permit is required for the Pool. Swimming pools with a volume of up to 100 cubic meters are usually free of permits, but the regulations vary depending on the federal state. You should also inform yourself about the prescribed distance to the neighbouring boundary. On some properties, the construction of a swimming pool is even prohibited due to agriculture, monument protection or nature reserves. It is also recommended to include Pools with pool roofing in the building or glass insurance. Damage caused by storm or hail will then be replaced by the insurance company.

Once the legal framework has been clarified, planning can begin. As a location for the swimming pool, you should choose an area of your garden that is as level as possible. On the south or southwest side in full sun, the pool water stays warm the longest in summer. Make sure that there are no trees in the immediate vicinity-so avoid the constant fishing of leaves. Depending on the location and available space, the size and depth of the pool must be determined individually. With the appropriate plot size, you should place it in such a way that it does not disturb the garden design too much – a place on the garden border is in any case better than a central place directly behind the House. The other option preferred by most pool owners is to integrate the pool into the terrace adjacent to the house so that both together form a pleasing unit. In order to enjoy it undisturbed, you should also think about an appropriate screen for your Pool.

Swimming pool for the garden: shapes, sizes, costs
The choice of your pool depends on the size of your garden, but also on how much you want to spend on it. Pool manufacturers nowadays offer Pools in all possible shapes and sizes. Probably the most cost-effective variant are installable Pools made of Polyester. These are easy to transport and also quick to set up. Inflatable Pools made of PVC and Polyester, which can be bought for as little as 50 euros, are also an affordable Alternative for Insecure garden owners. So if you find that you have set up your Pool in the wrong place, a change of location is easily possible.

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